Number one: a trip without a company as an opportunity to survive a divorce

Rupture of relationships is always a difficult test and takes time to adapt to changing circumstances. A trip alone will make it possible not only to rethink what is happening, but also to learn to relate to a new stage – solo life. And, perhaps, there are many advantages in it, according to a family therapist Batsi Ross.

It is quite difficult to decide to go somewhere alone, but this experience eventually gives undoubted bonuses. “First of all, spontaneous meetings with new people help to cope with a sense of loneliness and loss that often accompany us during a divorce or parting,” said family therapist Batsi Rossi. On the other hand, you can temporarily break the usual connections for a while (even the shortest) and

stay in the full sense alone, without meetings and conversations with relatives, friends and colleagues.

“The physical distance separating us from the house creates a psychological distance that allows you to look at many things from a new angle,” the specialist recalls. To rethink a lot, make plans and outline goals that you may have not even thought about before.

A journey alone can turn into a real adventure, the script of which writes life itself, but here are the rules by which you play, you choose yourself. From now on, no compromises and the need to adapt to each other.

None of those who meet you during the trip know nothing about your relationship or parting. And if you do not want to devote new friends to the details of your personal life, you can speak to any other topics, while in the circle of family and friends, conversations often return to what happened to you.

Drawing up a trip plan in itself can become healing, because new practical tasks unload the psyche

You do not need to challenge yourself at all and go on a distant or long journey if you feel that you are not ready for this. Even a trip to the weekend to a new place will allow you to feel better and return home in a more calm and assembled state. Batti Ross is sure that such travels often add self -confidence, which many of us at such moments of life are especially missing.

By the way, it is not at all necessary to go to a new city to get acquainted with sights. You can go to a spa hotel and pamper yourself with pleasant procedures for the soul and body. The main thing is to leave the place to which you have long been accustomed. Now it can force you to return to painful memories again and again, which, in turn, prevents you from seeing new life opportunities.

Many of us, fearing to travel alone (mainly due to the need to leave the comfort zone) explain this to the insufficient safety of such trips. However, you can well choose the place where you were once and felt good. If you are concerned about possible emergency situations, think in advance where you can call in the case of a passport, tickets or money loss.

Drawing up a trip plan in itself can become healing, because new practical tasks unload the psyche and help to be distracted from negative experiences.


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